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Topical River

A realtime view of four currently popular topics. New topics every hour or so.

Grabs the four topics from Surchur once a minute, and uses the Collecta XMPP APIM to subscribe to a search for each topic.

Live from the Grill-O-Mat

Grill-O-Mat displays the latest mentions of Python across most of the web. Blog posts and comments, microblog updates, open source checkin messages, etc.

Today is Thursday, not Wednesday. Oh well. The search string used for this is rather long: python -monty -ball -pet -burmese -skin -snake -comedy -pythonesque -foot -zoo -giant -fashion -bag -albino -pythons -carpet -boot -shoe -handbag. The name is in reference to a Monty Python episode.


A compliment generator.


A shakespearean insult generator.

It's a Beta!

Demo of a 'private beta' splash page application. Collects email addresses and stores them for eventual use.

What Season Is It?

A single serving site that displays the current astronomical season, as defined by the equinoxes and solstices.

Curse Code

This site measures the relative shittiness of programming languages by calculating the ration of files that contain the word 'shit' using Google Code Search API.

The same odd error as the language info site means I have to ignore the existince of COBOL, but another odd error also makes me ignore TCL.

F/OSS Language Info

A programming language popularity variant of the previous License-Info site. In other words, it displays the relative popularity of prograqmming languages based on Google Code Search results.

A very odd error means that I currently have to ignore the existence of COBOL.


Create an instant page at a random URL. Everyone viewing the URL can edit it and simultaneously see each others changes.

Uses MobWrite as the background synchronization mechanism.


This web application checks FriendFeed for books that the given user has recently liked or commented on, and then displays a summary page with the book list and adds useful links for those books.

This app uses the FriendFeed API and the Amazon API.


A URL shortener, displays and links to the original URL, the shortened URL, the preview URL, and a convenient link to archive.org for that page. Additionally, displays a QR code containing the shortened URL for easy capture to a cellphone.

Deployed on Google App Engine, and uses the Google Charts API to display the QR code.

F/OSS License Info

A single-page site that displays information about the most common Open Source software licenses.

Uses the Google Codesearch GData API.

Web App Wednesday

This website, a simple directory of software projects listed in reverse chronological order.

Built in Google App Engine. Uses the Typogridphy CSS Framework for layout.


I was particularly inspired by the following projects and articles:


This website is coded in Python, and runs on Google App Engine.

This site is copyright © 2009 to Michael Bernstein. The site's code is available under the GNU AGPL 3.0.

The Typogridphy CSS framework is copyright © 2008 to Harry Roberts.